Martin Mark

Carefully crafted user experiences



User Experience Designer @


Rubikloud works closely with retailers to help organize their data, and then make it actionable using data science and data analysis. We create novel solutions to tough retail problems.

Working on the experience of our automated insights feed, personalization scheduling, and reporting tools.

E-Commerce User Experience @


Bedrocan was one of the first licensed developers and distributors of medicinal cannabis in Canada.

Worked with their team to design and develop an e-commerce solution that would provide their users with a portal to effortlessly place their orders – while also adhering to regulatory policy, and back-office workflows.


ipad business experiences @


SweetSpot was an application that enabled sales reps to quickly get up to speed on their markets, tracked companies, and pipeline prospects.

Worked with their development and management team to help with designing the first version of the iPad application, as well as continued product iteration and an upgrade to iOS7.