Docker for Designers: Running Your First Container (Part 1)

Why Should I Learn About Containers? “I’m a designer – why should I learn about how to use Docker and containers?” Good question! Here are a few reasons: You want to have the ability to test and contribute to your dev team early and often. It will help …

MAYA (Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable)

Crafting new solutions based on previously acceptable solutions could be a valuable starting point in your road to creating new experience experiments.

“Disagree and Commit”

How Jeff Bezos creates a healthier culture around dissent at Amazon.

My monitor has crappy color correction…

And that’s a good thing.

Ship design tweaks faster with Stylish

Everyone will like you more if you can illustrate your revisions with CSS.

“If the user can’t get something done within 5-seconds, they won’t ever do it – it’s not like they’ll do it at twice the latency…”

Christopher Nguyen (ADATO). On the A16Z podcast giving a great interview on “Making Sense of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning”, talking briefly about previous experiences on consumer applications at Google.

“Build Where It Hurts”

– Mike Townsend (HomeHero). Talking about quickly creating a minimal usable platform using Stripe transfers and Twillo to create a manual clearing house, until it wasn’t viable to do so anymore.

Bookmarklet: Export charts from the web with SVGCrowbar

So you prototyped a chart… now how do you get it back into your high-fidelity design?

Are your animations slowing down your user experiences?

A few thoughts on how animations may affect your user’s perception of your application’s performance.