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MAYA (Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable)

“Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable” is a term originally coined by revolutionary industrial designer Raymond Loewy and can be a valuable mantra to take into accounting when crafting interfaces which are new or unique. “The adult public’s taste is not neces …

“Disagree and Commit”

From Jeff Bezos’ shareholder letter as covered by Recode: https://www.recode.net/2017/4/12/15274220/jeff-bezos-amazon-shareholders-letter-day-2-disagree-and-commit I really like the idea of Jeff Bezos’ disagree and commit culture. There are times where …

“If the user can’t get something done within 5-seconds, they won’t ever do it – it’s not like they’ll do it at twice the latency…”

– Christopher Nguyen ADATO on the A16Z podcast giving a great interview on “Making Sense of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning”, talking briefly about previous experiences on consumer applications at Google.

“Build Where It Hurts”

– Mike Townsend HomeHero Talking about quickly creating a minimal usable platform using Stripe transfers and Twillo to create a manual clearing house, until it wasn’t viable to do so anymore. The full interview is over at: https://mixergy.com/interview …

“I literally just taught my parents that it doesn’t matter how hard they tap the screen”

My reaction to Apple’s addition of 3D touch to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.