Pulp. An email boilerplate builder for your next project.

True story – I once took over an email design project where the previous designer had literally created a website (sidebars, a slider ?, widget areas and all) which was going to be the company’s “email template”.

You can probably imagine how fun resetting that client’s expectations were when it came to getting:
1) a design out the door that could actually convert, and
2) a design out the door that could actually be built.

If you’re reading this I probably don’t need to tell you emails are notoriously troublesome to work with…

That’s why I’m really liking Pulp (by Glitchpack) made by Jay Pratt (@rgbworks).
It’s an email builder for creating custom responsive email boilerplate scaffolding.
Need an unstyled base template with 3 rows – a hero, 2 columns, 3 columns? This is the tool for you.

It just works and it doesn’t try to boil the ocean (pun unintended – boil – boilerplate… that’s probably not funny) – which is just about all you can ask for in terms of an email builder.

Use it for your next project to demonstrate to clients what an optimal responsive layout looks like, and then design within it: