What have I been working on?

Past Year (2019 - Early 2020) • Director, UX & Product

Forma AI

Forma AI is a leader in the science of incentive compensation. Sales operations teams use Forma to design and optimize their sales plans, and automate them effectively.

I worked at Forma for a year as the Director of UX and Product.

As a design leader I worked through pragmatically refreshing the platform's design based on customer interviews, surveys, and demonstrations.

I had the opportunity to hire the first members of our team and worked together to create a foundation of components and layouts which could scale and evolve with the platform.

4 Years Ago (2016 - 2019) • Director, UX & Senior UX Designer


Rubikloud is a data science company which revolved around creating actionable data oriented solutions for enterprise retailers.

I worked at Rubikloud for 3 years, first as a Senior UX Designer and then as a Director of UX.

As an independant contributor I worked through challenges on many of the company's core products - creating the design components, testing plans, and best practices which we would use to bring the products to scale.

And then as a design leader I had the opportunity to work on ironing out our design processes, hiring and nurturing to create an effective team, and advocating for testing-driven driven design within the organization.

6 Years Ago (2014 - 2015)

Freelance Design Lead

In 2014 I worked for a year as a freelance design lead.

I had the opportunity to work with a number of great companies, such as:.


iPad and mobile app for sales preparation on companies of interest and market intelligence.


E-commerce platform for one of Canada’s largest growers and distributors of licensed, medicinal cannabis.


Mobile and web concept for a resource management and accounting platform for restaurants.


Homepage and customer onboarding flow for a painting party event sales platform.


iPhone app for a fantasy sports game tracker, news aggregator, and alerting tool to showcase a data platform.


Homepage for a native and video advertising platform.

10 Years Ago (2010 - 2013) • Product Designer

Early Projects

Early on in my career I worked on a social gaming startup which melded the real world with virtual games and achievements.